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In order to help students easily systematize the knowledge and content of works in the program of Literature 8, we compile the article Mind map poem Mr. content such as general understanding of the work, author, layout, analytical outline, sample essay analysis, …. Hope through Mind Map of the poem Mr. Map will help students understand the content. the basis of the poem Mr. Map.

Lecture: Mr. Do – Ms. Pham Lan Anh (Teacher Trường THCS Đồng Phú)

Mind map of the poem Mr. Map is easy to remember and concise

I. Author

– Vu Dinh Lien (1913 – 1996)

– Hometown: My hometown is in Hai Duong, but I live mainly in Hanoi

– Life and creative career:

+ Being one of the first class poets of the New Poetry movement

Besides composing poetry, he also researches, translates, and teaches literature

– Composing style: His poetry is heavy with old feelings, nostalgia and nostalgia

– Typical works: Green Bamboo Bunk, Communist Spring, Happiness…

II. Work

1. Composing circumstances

– Since the beginning of the twentieth century, Sino-Chinese literature and Confucianism have increasingly declined in the cultural life of Vietnam, when Western studies were introduced to Vietnam, perhaps because of that, the image of the old men has been lost by society. forgotten and gradually disappeared. Vu Dinh Lien wrote the poem Ong Do expressing pity and torment about the old scene, the ancient people.

2. Genre: 5-word poem

3. Layout

Divided into 3 parts:

– Part 1 (the first two stanzas): The image of a man in the Confucian period was still in vogue

– Part 2 (next two stanzas): The image of Mr. Do when Confucianism declined (withered)

– Part 3: (last stanza): Confidential thoughts, regrets sent by the author

4. Content Value

The work successfully depicts the pitiful scene of the old man in his absence, and at the same time conveys the poet’s sincere sympathy for a class of people who gradually go into the past, evoking the feelings of self-questioning of many readers. fake

5. Artistic value

– The poem is written in pentagram form with many stanzas

– Corresponding, tight end-to-end opposition structure

– Clear, simple, inspirational words

III. Outline to analyze the work

1. The image of the old gentleman

– The image of Mr. Do appears during Tet to spring, when peach blossoms bloom:

+ Grandpa and peach blossom as a pair of images signaling the arrival of spring and the beginning of a new year.

+ The pair of words every year…represents the appearance of the old man in the spring as a familiar thing, something that has become a habit and routine of himself and those around him.

+ The image of the old man with red ink and paper in the middle of a bustling street has become a familiar image, an indispensable part of the traditional Tet holiday, imprinted in the subconscious of Vietnamese people.

– The old man of this time was the center of all attention because of the phoenix dancing and flying dragons, and everyone praised his talent.

The image of Mr. Do represents a long-standing cultural tradition of Vietnam. Both tenants and donors have been preserving and promoting that noble, elegant and civilized tradition.

2. The image of the old man in the decline

– The scene is desolate and deserted:

+ The phrase every year is absent shows the extent that, not that the map and tradition for the word is immediately forgotten, but it happens gradually, over time, and gradually fades and disappears.

+ The rhetorical question is like a poignant utterance about the change of society and the human heart.

– The image of the old man sitting alone, lost in the busy street:

+ Paper – not dyed, ink – deposited in the study, leaves – fall on the paper… A series of images are depicted with a common sadness: sadness being forgotten.

+ The image of falling yellow leaves and dusty rain adds to the gloom, evoking the feeling of withering and cold.

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+ The old man’s mood: sad, depressed, melancholy, it seems that everything is suffocating, repressed and forming a mass of eternal melancholy.

+ The image of a man lost in the middle of society symbolizes the disappearance of a traditional culture, more deeply it is the decline of social culture and people’s hearts towards the traditional values ​​of the nation. .

IV. Analysis

If Xuan Dieu’s poetry has a passionate and passionate tone, Han Mac Tu’s poetry is a bit crazy, Huy Can’s poetry has a sad, illusory tone, Vu Dinh Lien’s poetry has a nostalgic tone. Each artist has a different poetic style, this is a distinctive feature for them to be distinguished from other authors and also a unique impression for readers to remember them. Although he composed not much, Vu Dinh Lien left behind valuable works for Vietnamese literature, typically the poem Ong Do.

Vu Dinh Lien is one of the opening poets of the New Poetry movement. Vu Dinh Lien’s works are not many, but they are all works of profound artistic and human value. In his remaining works to this day. The Master Map is the most prominent work. The poem Ong Do is the author’s nostalgia with an old traditional beauty that is gradually being lost. The poem was composed in 1936 and published in the journal Essence. The poem was born in the context that Sinology is losing its position due to the penetration of Western culture. This is also the time when the patriarchs are no longer respected because the times have changed. The title of the poem recalls a beauty that has gone deep into the past with great sadness.

At the beginning of the poem, the image appeared in the author’s line of thoughts and nostalgia:

Each year the flowers peach blossom

That his old toys

Paper presented red ink

Inside a crowded street over

The structure of each… shows us that he is an extremely familiar image to Vietnamese people every Tet to spring. Along with the deep color of peach blossoms, the red color of paper, the jet-black color of Chinese ink, and the bustle and excitement of the New Year’s Day, the image of the old man has become indispensable in the spring painting. The poem is slow but full of love. Although only occupying a small corner on the street, in the poetic picture, the old man is the center, he has fully immersed himself in the bustling atmosphere of the New Year with the talents he has:

How many tenants wrote

User praise switch plates

Hand drawn flowers with strokes

As phoenix dragon dance

The place where the old man writes is on the crowded street through the crowded street every spring, the most important thing is that the crowd cares about how many people hire him to write and enjoy. His talent is highly commendable. The author describes his handwriting in a hand-drawn pattern/like a phoenix dancing and a flying dragon. The comparative art of these two verses exudes the temperament in each stroke of Mr. Do’s handwriting, which is a beautiful, liberal and noble handwriting. Through praising the handwriting, the author conveys respect and admiration. grave, cherish the beauty of traditional culture of the nation. In the first two stanzas, the image of the old man in his glorious period is respected and admired by the author, through the image of the old man, Vu Dinh Lien also shows his sincere affection for the good traditional values of the nation.

That is when the word Nho is respected. The lines of Confucian characters are beautiful, square, fresh, containing in it the deep-rooted values ​​​​of a cultural period, and the master with his talent is praised. For an artist, there is nothing more precious than the love of guests from all over the world. But times change, because nothing lasts forever. And in that flow of time, it is easy to be swept away by values, and the old man is not out of fate:

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But every year is absent

Where the tenant write this?

Red paper petal sad

Research toner left in grief…

He sat there map

Passers nobody or

Leaves fall on the paper

In addition to rain giời dust.

He fell into the situation of an artist out of publicity, a girl out of beauty. And the charm told to pick up the person to bring / End of the charm to go back early at noon alone. The old man was still sitting there and no one knew. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of modern people, he looks like a lonely, cold oasis. The reality in real life is that and only that, it is a lack of goods. But in poetry, along with that reality is the author’s heart, so the red paper seems to fade and the ink turns into sadness. The very expensive method of anthropomorphization has made inanimate objects like carrying a soul, more and more haunting in the reader’s mind. Best to resonate with this melancholy is the drizzle of the north wind. Is it the rain of the earth and the sky or the cold and freezing cold in the hearts of people. I don’t know, just know that there is a pitiful emaciated relic sitting there, in a motionless posture, amidst the rain of dust. Spring has yellow leaves again, it is an opposite, but the paradox to explain the rationality of emotions. Because now, the old man is only a pitiful relic of a bygone era, therefore:

What scene does not wear sadness

Sad people are happy where ever?

The ancients had a poetic poem, and here with this poem it is indeed relevant. The description is very few words, but the scene appears like a painting, not only the figure of the old man but also the debauchery of society through the eyes of the old man. The author has had very expensive details: where his map is pen and ink, where heaven and earth are wind and rain, where society is indifference. The five-word poetic form, which has the power to express broken and nostalgic stories, has proved very favorable, the rhythm evokes a light but pervasive sadness. The dusty curtain closes the poem so bleak, cold, sad, empty, then a moment of sadness, we also have to bow our heads to reflect on the artist’s poignant and heartbreaking question:

Peach bloom again this year

Not seeing his old toys

Long live old people

Where soul now?

The old man was pushed out of the fringes of society, alone, pen and paper, and quietly returned to his land. He tried to cling to modern society, we modern people have seen his efforts, seen him struggle, but we did nothing, until now, looking back, we know him. has been abandoned ever since. His shadow is not the figure of a person, of a profession, but the shape of an entire era, the shadow of our own souls’ memories. Only now do we feel nostalgia, but it’s too late. Ask heaven, ask earth, ask people, ask a whole society. that our generation has done with a cultural beauty of the nation, has swept away perhaps even itself in the eye-catching society. Today, when I look back, I suddenly remember the so-called old days. Ask or pray for remembrance, or repentance. That is not just a question, but a torment, a choked sob of the poet when witnessing that scene of the national culture. The two most concise lines of the poem, we read there the fate of the old man and especially the attitudes and feelings of a whole class of people towards the nationalities, the grammar of this verse is very important. strange, but no one saw: Old people. Long years, actually only a few years, but saying that long years is correct, the time of the old man is far away, mixed with the pens, the very distant studies in history. The old word of the old sentence above reverberates with the present word of the lower sentence, which is even more poignant and nostalgic. Last question: Long live the old people / Where are the souls now? as a call to the soul, calling to the soul of the country, a cry that echoes as if to find a piece of the fading national soul.

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With a pentagram form of rhyming poetry, simple but profound and condensed lyrics, the poem is like a narration recounting the ancient traditional beauty of the nation, the structure of the beginning and the end corresponds closely, the poem contains all the most unique artistic elements. Through those typical artistic features, the author expresses pity for the old man as well as regret for the loss of a national culture.

With a very personal feeling, a love for the country’s culture. Vu Dinh Lien has awakened in the minds of readers a cultural beauty of a glorious era. For a moment to look at ourselves, we ask ourselves, what have we done with our life, what have we done with indifference, indifference. We carelessly let ourselves loose, we innocently contribute to the race, losing our national identity to come to trendy pleasures, while at the same time, it is the eternal values ​​​​for each individual’s source.

V. Some comments on the work

1. The description is so few words that the scene appears like drawing not only his figure but also the social headlines through his eyes. (Vu Quan Phuong)

2. Ong Do can be considered a perfect poem, one of the best poems in the New Poetry movement. (Nguyen Hoanh Khuong)

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