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In order to help students easily systematize their knowledge and content of works in the program of Literature 9, we compile a short and easy-to-remember Mind Map of the poem The Stork with full of information. important. contents such as general understanding of the work, author, layout, analytical outline, analytical sample essay, etc. Hopefully through the Mind Map of the poem The Stork will help you understand the content. The basis of the poem The Stork.

I. Author

– Che Lan Vien (1920-1989) real name is Phan Ngoc Hoan

– Birthplace: Cam Lo district – Quang Tri province but he grew up in Binh Dinh

– Creative career:

+ Before the August Revolution, Che Lan Vien was famous for the new poetry movement with the collection of poems “Dieu Ruan” (1937).

+ With more than 50 years of composing, many researches in anthologies of poems that resonate with the public, Che Lan Vien is one of the leading names of modern poetry in the twentieth century.

+ In 1996, he was posthumously awarded the Ho Chi Minh Prize for literature and art by the State.

– Composing style: He is considered a poet with style and bravery. His poetry sparkles with intellectual beauty, philosophy and the ability to shape.

II. General research on the work

1. Genre: Free Poetry

2. Origin, composing circumstances

The poem “Stork” was composed in 1962, printed in the book Flowers Every Day – Storm Birds (1967).

3. Layout

– Sentence 1: The image of a stork, according to a childhood lullaby, is a symbol of the busy life of the mother.

– Suffering 2: The image of the stork in my subconscious and followed me all my life

– Question 3: The meaning of lullaby through the image of a stork, the stork is a symbol of the mother’s womb

4. Content Value

Exploiting the image of the stork in folk songs, lullabies, and the poem “Stork” by Che Lan Vien praising motherhood and the meaning of lullabies in each person’s life.

5. Artistic value

– Free verse form but has the appearance of a hexagonal verse, rich in emotion and rhythm.

– The poem has a folk sound, sweet and deep like a warm lullaby

– The creation of familiar images and symbols but still capable of containing new meanings

III. Make an outline to analyze the work

1. The image of the stork in the poem

* First stanza:

– The image of a stork in nature appears in the lullaby:

+ The stork flies in the silence

+ The stork roams around looking for food

– The image of the stork – the mother’s young child:

+ The stork came to my childhood unconsciously.

* Second stanza:

– The stork becomes a companion to the child on the journey of life.

2. Mother’s heart expressed through lullabies

* First stanza:

– In the lullaby there is a mother’s love.

Mom is always there to love and protect you.

* Second stanza:

– Lullaby imbued with mother’s love.

The stork wing becomes a symbol of the mother’s heart.

– Mother’s heart always follows me until the end of my life.

* Third stanza:

– The image of the stork symbolizes the mother’s heart.

– Mom is always with you, no matter how old you are, you are still my child.

IV. Analysis

I’m gone for the rest of my life. I didn’t finish my mother’s lullaby.

I once heard somewhere a very beautiful poem written about my mother’s lullaby. Indeed, the mother’s lullaby from childhood, from when we were still in that cradle, no matter how many years we grow up and mature, it still lingers in the bottom of our hearts. Mother’s lullaby has given us wings to reach distant horizons, dream beautiful dreams tomorrow. And that lullaby was put into poetry by Che Lan Vien so naturally and idly through the touching and boundless poem “Stork” as well as the meaning of a mother’s lullaby for each child. .

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Che Lan Vien is a great poet who made many contributions to the country’s literature in the 20th century. He is a person with a strange poetic style, both intelligent, sharp, profound, meaningful, modern but also very classical folk. His work “Stork” is written in a free, flexible, and unrestricted style, each stanza is a rich imagination expressing profound philosophical thoughts, expressing the world. mandarin. author’s point of view.

Right at the beginning of the poem is the image of a stork through a mother’s lullaby to her child’s childhood. It is not difficult to see that throughout the entire work, the author Che Lan Vien has also built the image of a stork that has both a symbolic meaning for the mother’s womb and a lullaby in the life of a child. everybody. For generations, the image of the stork that has entered Vietnamese folk poetry always seems to have many different symbolic meanings. In the poem, we can see the image of the stork not taking the verbatim like the old folk song, but only taking the idea and taking the picture only. This seems to direct the reader to a sweet and deep rural space.

The stork is flying

Flying stork

stork gate cover,

Dong Dang stork…

The poem is inspired by the poet’s old verse:

– The stork flies by

Fly from the gate to the field

– The stork flies by

Fly from the gate to Dong Dang.

The image of the stork is a familiar image, it symbolizes the farmers, the women, the symbol of the mothers who work hard to make a living but are rich in sacrifice and benevolence. Noble. Through the poem, through the mother’s lullaby, we realize that the image of the stork has entered the child’s soul unconsciously. But through those sweet, passionate lullabies of the mother, we realized that the national spirit, the lifestyle of our ancestors gradually permeated the innocent and immature souls of the children. All gradually formed in me the sense of origin, love for the homeland, love for the country. Indeed, through this is the beginning of the path to enter the spiritual world of each person. It is possible that the child himself does not understand, or even needs to understand, the meaning of the lullaby, but they just need to be caressed with the sweet tone, gentle tone, and sincerity of the lullaby to intuitively receive it. unconsciously loving and caring. Dear Mom:

Don’t know the body of the stork, the cauldron

I don’t know the soft branches you sing,

Breast milk many children sleep without hesitation….

Che Lan Vien is very ingenious when he also uses the art of contrasting the contrast between the stork and the stork:

The stork is alone looking for bait

I have a mother, I play and then I sleep.

The image of a stork is always alone, alone, all year round, regardless of rain or shine, looking for food. Then, on the contrary, the child is also taken care of very carefully with the love of the mother, not suffering like a stork. Even the mother holds her child with one hand and caresses her child with one hand as if she is constantly patting her child, but the mother is still afraid that her child will panic when she catches a stork disturbing her in her sleep. Dreaming of a mother’s lullaby about storks:

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Sleep in peace! Sleep in peace! Stork, don’t be afraid!

Soft branches, mother raised her hand!

It is worth noting that the usual 2/2/2/2 pacing is also associated with the allusion used to fall asleep when repeated twice and successive exclamation marks appear. . This also makes the rhythm of the poem become sweet, gentle, earnest and also very suitable for the mother’s lullaby: pat, ooh, cuddle…. Through this, it seems that the mother has helped the child to calm down and sleep well in a beautiful dream.

With a poetic voice that is both whispering and very earnest, carrying the affection of a gentle mother with a philosophical voice, as if filled with deep contemplation:

Even near you

Even though I’m far away

Up the forest to the pool

Stork will find you

Stork will love you forever

On your journey, mom is always with you. Whether near or far, whether in the high forest or deep in the lake, I still don’t mind being with you. No matter how many hardships, hardships, and rapids in my life, I can’t defeat the immense mother’s love, I will always be with you. Here we can see the art of alliteration, the art of structural allusion, and the art of contrasting combinations. This also has the effect of expressing the immense and vast love of a mother. We realize that, despite all distances in time and space, a mother is always considerate and protective for her child throughout her life.

Children, adults are still mothers

For the rest of my life I will always follow you

An inevitable and eternal law of motherhood. Although I have grown up, I follow the call of my aspirations and ideals, no matter how far away I am, I will always be your little child, needing your love. donate. You are always a peaceful fulcrum, a place I can return to, a place to welcome me whenever I fail, stumble, when I still have to face the storms and contradictions of life.

The lullaby is the beginning and the end of the poem, Che Lan Vien has used a very creative poetic idea to portray the image of a simple and rustic stork wing that is very close to the life of every Vietnamese person:

Just a stork

The mother stork sings

That’s life too

Wings on the crib

Go to bed! Go to bed!

Because of the stork wings

for the sky

Come sing

Around the crib.

I realized that just one stork is enough to contain so many feelings and desires of a mother for her child. And the lullaby is the mother’s heart that has nurtured a more mature child’s soul. The image of the stork, the lullaby, the mother’s heart is the life but also the soul of the country, the nation blends in to help the child grow up to be a human.

The poem “Stork” with free verse is both modern and folk style. The lyrics are both close, familiar and philosophical, making the reader ponder and sob. Unique and creative poetic images, expressing the immense love of a mother for her child. Through the poem, readers appreciate the sacred and noble maternal love. Mother is a priceless gift that God has given us in this life. “The Stork” deserves to be an excellent poem about motherly love being preserved and cherished. Perhaps it is because of the human value that the work brings, so no matter how much time passes, the work will forever be imprinted in the hearts of the viewers.

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V. Some comments on the work

1. Proverbs with images of storks:

The stork is flying around

Fly from the gate to the field

Parents give birth empty-handed

So flying around east and west looking for prey

First, take care of my body

Stop raising young flocks, come raise baby storks.

2. Some poems written about mother and child love:


Ten years away from my mother traveling around the country

Hundreds of homelands are not easy to make a home

Just got home this morning.

Who is my mother’s shadow as old as my mother’s shadow!


Old garden longan is hard to pick

I’m eighty, I’m sure I’m hunched over

Crossing the South – North road, I come back to visit my mother

Choose a pile of delicious food for mom to eat.


My mother often cooks star fruit soup with star fruit

Star fruit in the garden add some herbs

Yeah, that’s why a life away from my mother

Thirty years back home, tears on the tray of rice

(Che Lan Viem, Anthology of Che Lan Vien, volume 1, Literary Publishing House, Hanoi, 1985)

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